Plug into PowerRail™ – modular and scalable EV charging

PowerRail™ Charging Infrastructure

Modular, movable, and less construction

The PowerRail™ solution ensures seamless charging for your electric vehicle (EV) fleet today while being adaptable and flexible to your future business needs. Our above-ground power distribution helps avoid the hassles and costs of excavation, conduit installation, repaving, and other construction impacts.

Start with what you need now, and easily add chargers as your electric fleet expands.


Why Choose PowerRail™?

Lower carbon and lower costs

PowerRail™ requires minimal construction compared to industry standards, creating an adjustable infrastructure that can move and grow with your business.

Key features include:

  • Lower upfront costs and faster deployment timelines
  • Smart power sharing and electricity distribution reduces energy demand by up to 50-70%
  • Flexibility to changes in real estate, vehicles, and technology
  • Less carbon intensity by using recycled materials instead of concrete

This charging solution is an ideal option for leased properties, sites with limited electrical capacity, or tight deployment timelines.

Scale up your EV charging capacity with a simple, flexible solution

What is PowerRail™ made of?

Sustainable barrier structure:

  • Made from more than 100 recycled tires, instead of carbon-intensive concrete
  • Easy to move with a forklift
  • Fully recyclable and GreenCircle-certified

Smart charging system:

  • 48A Level 2 Smart EVSE
  • Distributes energy across multiple charging stations more efficiently to use substantially less electricity
  • Traditional fleet charging techniques often lead to over-construction and underutilization, locking in excess power capacity and costly infrastructure that remains largely idle

Start Charging your EV Fleet in Days, Not Months

Ready to connect?



What are the key features of the PowerRail™ charging infrastructure?

Key features include flexibility to move, expand, and reconfigure, minimal construction, use of recycled materials, high durability, and reduced environmental impact. It also offers efficient power distribution and the ability to connect multiple chargers.

What are the specifications of the smart charger?

The 48A Level 2 Smart EVSE features 208/240VAC voltage, 60 Hz frequency, adjustable max 48A current, and several communication options including WiFi, Ethernet, and Cellular. It also has a 3.5" LCD display and operates in a wide range of temperatures.

How is power distributed by PowerRail?

PowerRail uses a common power backbone of larger cables (electrical bus) rather than individual circuits to each charger. This enables reduced infrastructure, compact expandable deployment, and right-sized power sharing.

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