The Challenges

Merge helps fleets “scale to success” as they electrify. Fleet managers are facing new challenges as they explore electric vehicles:

  • Determining which vehicles could go electric when
  • Understanding true TCO: total cost of ownership of both EVs and infrastructure
  • Coordinating with internal and external stakeholders
  • Building a predictable budget-friendly implementation plan
  • How to scale electric charging infrastructure where and when it is needed
  • Understanding utility upgrade needs
  • Tracking vehicle and charging performance
  • Tailoring the plan to unique worksites
  • How to best utilize incentives
  • Utility rate management and charging cost optimization


The Merge team helps fleet managers evaluate, plan, design, install, and operate a full-service EV solution. We guide customers through data analytics, vehicle selection and financing, site-specific charging design, utility planning, construction, and ongoing operations and reporting. A customer journey may include:

  • Evaluate electric vehicle suitability and potential benefits
  • Develop electrification master plan including vehicles, charging, and financing
  • Deploy infrastructure and vehicles
  • Ongoing operations
  • Measure and report progress

Customized + Flexible

Merge understands that every fleet is unique. We create customized solutions based on each customer’s needs, from bespoke consulting services up to providing, installing, financing, and managing bundled solutions.