SafeHaven Pest Control Zaps Carbon Emissions With Electric Vehicle Pilot

  • Merge successfully deployed another commercial EV Pilot Program (EVPP™) to a multi-generational North Texas business – SafeHaven Pest Control – and decreased the replaced vehicle's carbon emissions by 78%

Houston, TX, April 4, 2023 — Merge Electric Fleet Solutions and SafeHaven Pest Control announced the successful completion of an Electric Vehicle Pilot Program (EVPP™) that included the first deployment of a 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning all-electric pickup to SafeHaven's business fleet.

SafeHaven Pest Control, a third-generation family business based in North Texas, partnered with Merge to select and deploy the F-150 Lightning out of Merge’s lineup of available pickups, sedans and SUVs to gain valuable insights on how the implementation of battery-electric vehicles can improve business operations while reducing their fleet’s carbon footprint.

By driving the F-150 Lightning during the pilot period, SafeHaven saw a 78% savings (9,528 lbCO2e) in their emissions when compared to the pest control’s current 2013 F-150 pickup, and a 72% savings in emissions when compared to a new F-150 model. The data revealed a potential annual fleetwide greenhouse gas reduction of 56% (107 metric tons of CO2e) if the entire SafeHaven fleet was electrified.

Merge also found that over the course of the program, 18% of all power the vehicle used came from its regenerative braking system (a method of braking in which energy is extracted from the parts braked, to be stored and reused).

SafeHaven is proud to not only have been a part of Merge’s pilot program but to have successfully incorporated EV technology into our fleet," said Michael Bosco, President of SafeHaven Pest Control. "The addition of an electric pickup truck enabled us to continue to provide safe and efficient pest control services while also reducing our local emissions throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

In addition to providing comprehensive analytics related to the EV truck’s performance for SafeHaven, Merge outfitted the team with a suite of charging solutions including a Level 2 charger at the SafeHaven office and access to high-speed networks via a Merge fleet fueling card.

"Merge’s pilot program made me confident in the benefits of adopting EVs into our fleet and scaling our electrification efforts," added Bosco.

“It’s not realistic to replace 100% of the vehicles in a corporate fleet immediately,” said Glen Stancil, CEO of Merge Electric Fleet Solutions. “However, a pilot program like the one we deployed for SafeHaven allows companies to evaluate and prioritize routes, drivers and vehicles in their fleets that are ready for a full electric conversion.”

You can dig deeper into the data insights of the pest control’s pilot program by downloading Merge’s case study. It includes how Merge determined the best-fit EVs for SafeHaven’s fleet and the right charging infrastructure for its operations.

About Merge Electric Fleet Solutions

Merge is a fleet electrification service and finance company. Our mission is to deliver the economic, environmental and experiential benefits of fleet electrification in comprehensive solutions that are simple, affordable and scalable. The Merge team brings decades of EV experience from designing, delivering and operating integrated charging solutions for commercial and residential applications on L2 and DC platforms at thousands of sites across the U.S. To learn more about Merge and its fleet electrification capabilities, please visit, follow us on LinkedIn or email

About SafeHaven Pest Control

SafeHaven Pest Control is the evolution of RID-ALL Pest Control, originally founded in 1955 by the Bosco Family. Now, the third generation of our family, Michael Bosco, has re-launched the company with a fresh look and purpose. RID-ALL was one of the first pest control companies in the Southwest U.S. to embrace a low-impact environmental approach, and it continues to lead the way in natural and green methods to control pests, both residentially and commercially.

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