Three of Strong Spirits Teams Up with Merge for Sustainable Fleet Solutions

Portland, ME, August 30, 2023 – Merge Electric Fleet Solutions announces an innovative partnership with Three of Strong Spirits, an award-winning distillery located in Portland, Maine. This landmark collaboration marks a significant step forward in the distillery's continuing progress toward environmental sustainability. As part of this alliance, Three of Strong leased a Ford F-150 Lightning electric pickup truck from Merge, to decrease emissions within the distillery’s fleet.

The Lightning is being used for sales and distribution, catering to Three of Strong's customers while reducing the distillery's overall carbon footprint. This greener vehicle will also play a central role in getting the Three of Strong team to tasting events and festivals, exemplifying the company’s dedication to sustainable practices at every point of the consumer experience. Attendees can enjoy Three of Strong's premium rums and craft cocktails, knowing they are being served in a manner that is more environmentally friendly.

During the first 41 days of the pilot program, there was an estimated 89% reduction in pounds of carbon dioxide equivalent (lbCO2e) emissions when comparing Three of Strong's real-world driving data of the Lightning to a standard gas-powered Ford F-150. This equates to a total reduction of 1,429 lbCO2e, highlighting the significant environmental impact of adopting electric vehicles.

The charging infrastructure utilization data is equally impressive. Of the total 978 miles driven, an astounding 100% of all charging sessions were completed using Level 2 (L2) chargers installed at the distillery’s location. No public DC fast charging was used during this initial period. These statistics emphasize the convenience and reliability of L2 infrastructure for EV charging, with at-office charging being the preferred choice for the drivers.

Dave McConnell, one of the co-founders of Three of Strong Spirits, expressed his excitement about the partnership, saying, "This collaboration with Merge marks a significant milestone in our ongoing efforts to find a greener way to get around. By embracing an electric fleet solution, we are taking a significant step towards reducing our ecological impact while maintaining the exceptional quality that our customers really appreciate."

The connection between Three of Strong Spirits and Merge was facilitated through the New England Environmental Finance Center (NEEFC), exemplifying the commitment of both organizations to sustainable practices and environmental preservation. NEEFC is based out of the University of Southern Maine.

In expressing his support of the program, Luke Truman, a sustainability coordinator for the craft beverage sector at NEEFC stated, “I am not surprised that Three of Strong jumped at the opportunity to trial the Lightning. They have been ambitiously pursuing innovative ways to reduce their carbon footprint. It has been my experience that Merge has been looking at how we move people and materials around through an innovative lens as well, knowing that perceived cost and range anxiety barriers must be overcome before EVs are widely adopted by businesses. The pairing of Three of Strong and Merge makes a lot of sense, and we at the NEEFC look forward to seeing more pilots take place in the near future.”

When not in use, the Lightning will be charging at Three of Strong's Portland distillery and tasting room, on Diamond Street in the dynamic East Bayside neighborhood, ensuring that the new EV truck remains ready for every eco-friendly journey.

This partnership reflects an ongoing paradigm shift in the spirits industry, demonstrating that premium-quality products can go hand in hand with eco-consciousness. As the distillery continues to set new standards in sustainability and craftmanship, its collaboration with Merge is a testament to its dedication to creating a greener, more sustainable future for everyone.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Rachel MacArthur (Three of Strong Spirits)
Sales & Marketing Maven

Jennifer Petree/Amanda Gilpin (Merge Electric Fleet Solutions)

About Three of Strong Spirits

Located in the bustling East Bayside neighborhood of Portland, Maine, Three of Strong Spirits is an award-winning distillery with a strong commitment to sustainability and crafting exceptional organic spirits. We firmly believe that producing super-premium spirits requires no shortcuts. Our vibrant tasting room serves as the perfect testing ground for our small-batch spirits, carefully crafted to stand on their own while also complementing a variety of cocktails.

For additional information about Three of Strong Spirits, please contact Rachel MacArthur at You can also visit Three of Strong online at or follow Three of Strong on Facebook and Instagram @threeofstrongspirits and on TikTok @Three.Of.Strong.Spirits.

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About New England Environmental Finance Center

With leadership from the New England Environmental Finance Center (NEEFC), and funding from the EPA's Pollution Prevention Program, the New England Sustainable Craft Beverage Program is a collaboration between New England states to offer technical assistance to craft beverage manufacturers and provide service-learning internships for students attending the University of Southern Maine. The NEEFC supports Maine's craft beverage industry while serving as a resource to the New England region-wide effort and Environmental Finance Centers in the mid-Atlantic and southern states. For over 20 years, the NEEFC has worked throughout New England to build local capacity to pay for the growing cost of protecting critical environmental resources and fostering resilient communities.


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