Merge brings EV trucks to Rocky Mountain Power’s National Drive Electric Week Event

Electric vehicles are generating a lot of buzz right now, even while the cars themselves are naturally quieter than their gas-powered counterparts. As miles and miles of scenic roads and sprawling red rock host more EVs, Utahns are interested to see how they can save money while improving the state’s air quality.

During National Drive Electric Week, energy provider Rocky Mountain Power (which serves to Utah, Wyoming and Idaho) held an electric car expo to display some of the models, including new pickup trucks, available to drivers in and around Salt Lake City, while showing off their unique features to attendees.

Jed Boal, a reporter for KSL News, test drove an all-electric Ford F-150 Lightning pickup truck with David Eckels, Vice President of Products at Merge Electric Fleet Solutions. The vehicle's responsiveness, quietness, and smoothness during the journey are the things he noticed most.

On a safe, empty road, he tested the acceleration. He found that the pickup truck's acceleration from zero to 60 miles per hour was about as quick as you could possibly hope for, noting a sports car-like speed with pickup functionality.

Merge’s F-150 Lightning also showed off its ProPower functionality at the event, which allows drivers to plug into several outlets in the truck’s bed. To exhibit this feature, the food truck was powered by an extension cord plugged into the F-150 Lightning. Enough power to run a worksite and a campsite. “That’s really great for construction workers and job sites and even how it’s running the power on the food trucks right now,” said Ashley Miller, executive director of Breathe Utah.

The increase in gas prices is one of the reasons why people have been looking for alternatives to fossil fuels, and RMP programs support expanding infrastructure to support personal and fleet electrification across Utah.

Check out more of the story from KSL News or see us featured in the broadcast segment.